Standing on Your Own Two Feet

Do you want Confidence — Balance — Neutrality? To ask for what you want? How do you want to stand? What prevents you from being grounded? To take a chance and find what fits for you? It all starts with how you stand! When: June 2nd 1:00 – 3:00pm Where: Knoxville...

Aging With Grace

FEMALE: Seek & Discover Grounding: –  Sit with your eyes closed and your feet on the floor. Sense each of your 5 senses. End by sensing your breathing WOMAN: Can do Shoulders & Neck: Sit, feet on the floor — Notice the tension in your neck,...
Welcome in Wellness Radio Show

Welcome in Wellness Radio Show

Host Barbara Rose spoke with Be Well’s Beth Simpson in episodes 18-21 of her radio show. Included in this post are links to the shows.