Allergies are abnormal reactions of the immune system that occur in response to otherwise harmless substances, like foods or pollens or microorganisms. Common indications of allergy may include irritations like sneezing, itching, and skin rashes, and these can occur shortly after having been in contact with the allergen, like starting to sneeze on a walk in nature because you passed by a wonderfully blossoming field or bush, or after having eaten something your system doesn’t tolerate so well.

This is easy to spot, but a lot of allergies are not so obvious. The list of possible symptoms is long and they can range from mild to severe. Here are some symptoms:

  • frequent headaches or migraine
  • aches in muscles and joints
  • all sorts of trouble with the digestive system
  • hyperactivity
  • fatigue after meals
  • difficulty to concentrate or remember
  • chronic stuffy nose
  • chronic yeast infections
  • PMS
  • Weight gain, no diet works

Would you have thought that being allergic to something could cause all of this and much more? The list is much longer, and often one doesn’t associate the symptom one has with allergy, because we think it would be obvious if we had one. Well, in many cases it isn’t and therefore it’s worth checking this by arm testing, which a Well Being Coach can do. If something is found, recommendations will be given to avoid or eliminate the allergen for some time. This way it is easy to find out if there is improvement or not.

An example is the story of a woman who always had a stuffy nose and mucus in the throat without having a cold. The recommendation was to eliminate cow dairy products for 4 weeks. Of course this required changing dietary habits, but was worthwhile. The symptoms cleared, no mucus and free breathing from then on.