Host Barbara Rose spoke with Be Well’s Beth Simpson in episodes 18-21 of her radio show. Included in this post are links to the shows.

Show 18: The Magnetic Field

(Starts at 22:36)


Show 19: The Electric Life

(Starts at 22:45)

Dimensions of Healing: How does the Bioenergetic field really work?

Learn what the magnetic/physical and electrical/energetic fields are and how they work together to bring more energy, vitality and even more wellness into your life. People often work on parts of their body system yet imbalances remain. By understanding this whole system and how it works together, a more complete healing is possible. We will be sharing simple ways to balance & support the Electro-Magnetic Energy systems.


Show 20: What is the healing process?

(Starts at 22:50)

Why they can’t just fix me?

We will open up questions like:

  • What does it feel like when you are going through a healing?
  • What to look for in a practitioner?
  • How to create your personal health and wellness dream team?



(Starts on 21:59)

Simple ways to stand in your own power and feel grounded in standing.

Standing represents our ability to stand in our own power. When we loose the ability to physically stand we often loose or feel weak in our internal strength.  Do you represent what you stand for and can you stand in it?