Learn to trust your body.

Working together we will find ways to restore your health quickly and easily.

Natural Pain Relief

Each person feels pain differently, and your treatment should reflect that.

At Be Well we get to the root cause of the pain, create a “Health the Way You Want It” plan, and together, begin the healing for you.

Balance Your Energy

What happens when you want to change but can’t?

YOU FEEL STUCK by emotions, beliefs, past decisions or physical pain.

The point is YOU FEEL STUCK.

Energy and Movement

What kind of energy you have lets you move forward or not.

Join us for exploratory classes that add enjoyment to your life.

How We Work Together

Finding the cause

You know your body best. Beth Listens and does an in-depth assessment to get to the cause of the problem.

Creating a Plan

We create a working plan together to bring your body to the healthy state you desire.

Finding the new you

We both know this has to work for you. Together we work to resolve the issues and find your ways to keep healthy and well.

What Happy Clients Say

Compassion and Empathy

"I've known Beth for over a year now. I've found her to be a person of highest integrity who is committed to continual growth both in her knowledge and skill. That's combined with a great compassion and empathy for the people she serves. Beth's goal is to discover the root cause(s) of an issue and she seeks to address them as well as teach preventative techniques that can prevent issues before they occur. Beth has taught me how to understand my wife better, how to sit with better posture, and how to be more present in my life. I'd highly recommend her to those looking for a different way to seek healing in their lives."


I Am Now Pain Free

"I had been suffering with chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years. I had lost all hope of ever being pain free again - then I discovered Beth. After only a few sessions, my pain had almost entirely gone and, with the exercises Beth taught me, I am now pain free. Beth is an excellent listener and uses her wonderful intuition to give maximum benefit and results in each interaction. I highly recommend her for anyone’s well being and peace of mind and body."


Feeling Incredibly Light

"Beth is extraordinarily skilled at sensing the root cause of various pains and then utilizing her unique skillset to address them. Her work is subtle and profound at the same time. At the end of a session, you walk away feeling incredibly light, bright, well and free from pain. If you have pain, talk to Beth. As she says, "you don't have to live with pain" and she's right!"