Ever been told, “You’ll just have to live with it?”

Pain is the body’s way of saying, “Something’s wrong!”  Simply put: Pain gets your attention so that something can change.

It’s no longer necessary to “just live with it”.

Each person feels pain differently, and your treatment should reflect that.

At Be Well we get to the root cause of the pain, create a “Health the Way You Want It” plan, and together, begin the healing for you.

Along the way you’ll discover how to maintain your health.


You’re Unique.

So is Your Pain!

Let’s look at causes of pain.

Beth Simpson

Beth and Be Well helps you find relief safely and naturally.

Learn to trust your body.

Working together we will find ways to restore your health quickly and easily.

Struggling to find comfort in sitting?

This simple technique will help you feel more comfortable.

Our Process


You know your body best. Beth listens carefully to you and your body  during your in-depth assessment.


Together we determine the root cause of your pain, and the best way to safely alleviate it.


Together we make a “Health the way You want it” plan. We both know this has to work for you.


We work with you to resolve your pain through the steps of your “Health the way You want it” plan.

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