Meet Beth Simpson

Beth SimpsonCareers are about choices and mine started in the most interesting of ways. I began college determined to be a Speech-language pathologist. Six years and a Master degree later, I discovered while working in the Denver Public Schools (K-12) that approximately 80% of my caseload were kids that needed attention and time with their parents. This impressed me so that I took the next 12 years to be a full-time Mom. In the middle of this time, I hurt my back repeatedly and would spend as much as three weeks at a time on the floor. Seeing chiropractors, body workers of all kinds, I stumbled across a Feldenkrais practitioner. Her philosophy mirrored mine! People can be responsible for their own health with a little bit of know how.

I discovered I had a natural talent for working with awareness,  movement and energy  and became certified in the Feldenkrais Method in 2003. After five years of helping people get out of pain, find better flexibility and move with strength and ease as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, I began to want to do more with energy medicine. Since 2008, Well-Being sciences has become a passionate pursuit for me and I became certified in 2011. It’s a very unique method of unlocking old holding patterns and balancing body systems so a person’s natural healing systems can work for them. I’ve found it to help with allergies, pain removal, stress reduction and prevention and areas that medicine can often not help.

“I have been searching new health options for many years. I have found that Beth Simpson is one of the top health and wellness practitioners in the Knoxville area. She is kind, knowledgeable, and has a gentle touch. She has incredible understanding in helping people feel better. I leave each session feeling calmer and ready to face the worldShe helps me be a healthier me.

Brenda Rasche