There’s a myth that says, “Everything stays the same.”

There are distinct stages in a life. Each stage is different in our energy use, in how we think and feel, and in at what we do physically.

Why is it important to know about life stages?

For starters, you can’t use what you don’t know. Life stages change and so do the natural rules. By knowing what happens and the expectations for that time of life, you are in control and not subject to other people or circumstances.

If you’re young you never think you can be old. If you’re older you want to be young. What about being the age that YOU are and doing the things that naturally belong with that age. It offers satisfaction, fulfillment and the feeling of a full life.

So that you can better understand these stages, here is a little description of the stages. This is not stereotypes. It is the natural progression that each feminine life has to work with. Obviously within each stage there is great opportunity for variation.


Life Stages: Descriptive Understandings

The Female: a time of exploration and learning (birth -12 yoa).
Remember when you were a little girl and would gather leaves. or seashells and pretend you were a mermaid. Or you dressed up and for a moment were a movie star or astronaut. This creative and envisioning life is the female.

The female life is an experimenting and exploring life and it’s where you learn what you like and what you can do. Even as we age, the female life explores, discovers and seeks new information. She likes to figure things out, learn by playing and pretending, have fun, laugh and feel free to make mistakes.

The Woman: a decision maker and “a can-do Gal”(13 – 45 yoa).

Ever get to your job or home and before you get your coat off there’s things to be done and problems to solve. The woman life solves things with ease and know how. What she doesn’t know, she finds out.

It’s the woman life that handles job interviews. She comes across as: This is what I can do. This is what you need. It’s a good match. I can do the job.
She’s also the Mom that packs lunch, does laundry, cleans the house, the taxi and sees to day to day practicalities.

The Woman Life is an organizing, multi-tasking and does what needs to be done life. She’s aware of what’s going on around her, practical, capable, and strong. She’s an efficiency expert.

The Lady: She holds your bigger picture and works with what’s most important (45yoa – end of life).

These are the elders of your family or church, your Grandmother, who speak common sense and know the ways things can succeed. They get to the point, listen to others and offer solutions outside of themselves. Their dignity, kindness and respect are notable. Just by being present they help.

The Lady life is sure, settled and steady. This is a time of fulfilling purpose. Often it is a time to give back, help the youth or those who need a chance. It can be deeply spiritual.


These are three of the five lives that we build and grow. They are the perspectives we have to work with. Each requires a different set of skills, understandings and ways. While the Female and Woman are easy to see, the Lady life is unique to each life and must be configured based on the person and their purpose.

The other two lives are spiritually inclined and what they can do depends on the female, woman, and lady lives.


Live the Life YOU Choose!