Who Beth Is

What do you want your life to be about?

That’s what asked myself early on.

As a teen I was devastated by Epstein bar and encephalitis. I spent a year in bed and suffered long term viral and allergy issues. My brain was pretty wiped from this and it took me 5 years to regain reading, writing and thinking skills. The experience left me sensitive to energy and the challenges of energy sensitivity. A number of health practitioners told me,” You’ll just have to live with it. We can’t do anything to help you”. Both the Feldenkrais and the Well Being Sciences allowed me to heal many of the issues that medicine couldn’t help.

Time went on and at 35, as a full-time mom, I had reoccurring back issues. I tried many different methods to stop the back pain. Feldenkrais worked for me within 3 sessions. So, I took the training and became a practitioner (2003) and began helping others get out of pain.

As my kids grew into young adults, I realized it was time to sort out my reoccurring allergy and immunity issues. While the Feldenkrais showed me that the body can heal itself with movement, these issues required something different. Because I am energy sensitive, I tried a number of energy healing techniques. I so loved what the Well Being Sciences did because it allowed me to sync my physical and energetic health together, solving allergy and immune issues and regaining my sense of purposeful living. In 2011 I became a Well Being Sciences practitioner and have helped many others to recover their health.

Today my practice continues with pain relief and energy balancing. The latest addition to my work is with energy, movement, and dance. Life moves and when we move with it, there is a happiness, a fullness, and it feels purposeful.