It’s the body’s way of saying,

“Something’s Wrong!”



Simply put, pain gets your attention so that something can change.

The challenge is to figure out what is causing your pain…and alleviate it.

There are many types of pain.

Let’s explore the main three:

  • Physical Pain
  • Mental Pain
  • Emotional Pain

Does sitting cause you pain?

This simple technique will help you feel more comfortable.

You can find a handy little pain reference chart

Physical pain:

Physical pain happens to any part of the body.
It can occur once, be ongoing or be a repetitive injury. Often it limits what we think we can do.


“I hurt my neck on a rollercoaster ride and since then I can’t look to the right.

“My wrist hurts because I use the computer all the

“I sit all day at my job and my back never stops hurting”

Mental Pain: 

Sometimes decisions get stuck, like popcorn in your teeth.   Decisions made before, may not be true today.  As children others make our decisions.  As adults we change our decisions based on current needs .


Sometimes my Husband(Wife) tells me to do something and suddenly I’m 12 years old and can’t do anything right.” It’s embarrassing and I hate it!

      When my work is critiqued , I feel criticized, get defensive and feel like yelling.  It doesn’t feel good.”

   I get sooo stressed at school, I lose all my energy and feel helpless. What’s the matter with me?”


Emotional Pain:

When we feel weak in ourselves, or at another’s mercy, it feels like you can’t keep the world out. You feel overwhelmed and as if you’re just going through the motions.


“At School, I feel hurt all the time. There’s no reason for it. Everything is negative. It’s like  an open sore.”

“When my boss looks at me a certain way, I feel anxious, scared, defensive. I can’t seem to do anything. It’s like I’m paralyzed inside.”

“When my spouse (or significant other) comes home stressed,I end up being the unworthy one”

“I use to do a lot and be creative outside of work. Now I feel like I have horse blinders on all the time. I can’t seem to get my energies back.”

Let’s work together to find ways that balance you easily and quickly.

Learn to trust what your body tells you!

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