Handy Little Pain Chart

What I Feel

What’s Going On

How Be Well Helps

I’m stuck.

I can’t move my …
Knees or Feet

Gentle Integrative Movements to help your body find how it works without pain or limitations quickly


It hurts and I’m afraid.

Every time I move it just hurts.

Release the pain and the fear that often comes with it, gently, to bring a new “normal” that is pain free


The pain never stops.

I’m tired of the  pain, desperate for relief and I’ve had enough!

Neutralize the pain with color and/or movement to remind the nervous system how to be pain free and reintegrate so you can feel happy and whole

It keeps happening!!!

– When my boss yells at me
– When I sit/stand too long
– When my Mom comes over
– I drive too much

Let’s get specific, find the cause, and build your Health the way You want it plan.

I’m loosing it!

I feel like I have no control

I can’t cope

What’s wrong with me?


Together we safely heal your body, mind and soul, finding new patterns that fit now


What’s wrong with me?
I feel like I have no control!
Am I loosing it?
I can’t cope.

When your body has what it needs you can overcome issues.  Let’s determine what you need.

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