I had been suffering from chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years. I had lost all hope of ever being pain-free again – then I discovered Beth. After only a few sessions, my pain had almost entirely gone and, with the exercises Beth taught me, I am now pain-free. Beth is an excellent listener and uses her wonderful intuition to give maximum benefit and results in each interaction. I highly recommend her for anyone’s well being and peace of mind and body.


Over the past two years, I have worked regularly with Beth to manage my energetic balances, and I have found her to be an extraordinarily dedicated healing practitioner.

Recently, Beth helped me work through a situation to avoid surgery.  One of my ovaries had cysts that appeared to be benign, but since two successive ultrasounds and an MRI continued to show cysts, plus an existing situation of uterine fibroids, my gynecologist had recommended a hysterectomy.  The doctor considered that there was a 99% likelihood that the cysts were benign but was not 100% certain. I opted for watchful waiting, during which time I had two sessions with Beth, focussing on the ovary. The next ultrasound showed that there were no cysts on the ovary and therefore no need to consider surgery at this time.  

What a relief! Thank you for your help, Beth!  

Sue S.

I have been exploring energy modalities for 20 years; Beth Simpson is one of the top energy practitioners in the Knoxville area. She is kind, knowledgeable, and has extraordinary touch. Regular visits are part of my “keep healthy” routine. Beth Simpson stands out among energy practitioners in the Knoxville area for her dedication to her training and her incredible touch in the energy field. I leave each session feeling more calm, more balanced, and ready to face the world. It is a great way to balance my organ systems for a “healthy me.
Brenda Rasche

My first time to visit Beth was an extremely peaceful and caring experience. It was soothing with her relaxing colors, refreshing foot bath, and renewing energy balancing expertise. She took time to listen to my physical and mental concerns and to discover exactly how she could help me.  

After the treatment I left feeling extremely relaxed, well balanced, and positively improved!  I recommend it to anyone!  I want to bring all my friends. Thank you Beth Be Well!!!!

Leslie Lynn

Beth offers a unique opportunity to merge body and mind into a state of enhanced well-being!  

From the moment you set foot into her office, you can feel the stress drop away.  As she works with you, you feel the “ah yes” settling in as your stress shrinks and your body relaxes in ways you had forgotten were possible.

I have had friends ask before seeing her, “what exactly does she do”.  After seeing Beth Simpson, their only question is “how soon can I see her again”.

As an escaped executive, business advisor and former hospital C.O.O., I have worked with many healing modalities in my work and my own practice.

Beth Simpson brings together a completely grounded approach based on energy science that simply works.

I encourage you to see her.

Ron D. Carlson

Beth is a wellness professional who listens closely to the health concerns of her patients, and designs programs to help them accomplish their health goals. She truly cares about her patients.

Susan B.

I have enjoyed both the emotional as well as structural work that Beth does to help get you out of pain and keep you from going back into it. I had much more ease and way less pain my left hip for walking after the 3rd treatment. Highly recommended for car accident clients and those dealing with returning aches and pains.
Carrie Wagner

When I started I couldn’t imagine it could work,but it does.”
Mary Ann Larson

Beth Simpson is one of a kind.  I didn’t think that I would get any relief from my stiff neck.  Boy was I wrong!  Beth took the time to listen to me, show me ways that I could alleviate the stiffness in my neck and explained the benefits of proper posture and walking.

Should I need further help with any of my body motions, she will be there for me.

Thank you Beth!


It feels good to feel good again…
I was scheduled for back  surgery  due to a horseback riding accident.

I was referred by a well respected professional  and  met with Beth Simpson hoping for the best as I was already on the surgery schedule.

I work in the medical field, it was difficult for me to wrap my head around this technique. Gentle movements, unlike other more common practices that seem so prevalent such as surgery or chiropractic. 

Short story, it was a success with Beth. I am back to my comfort level and active again.
Be open minded and feel confident that Beth has studied this method and brings it to us as another option to better health.

C.M. Duncan

I had hurt my lower back (bulging disc) several years ago. I did have physical therapy and after several more months, the back finally went back into place, or so I thought. My left hip would hurt if I stood, or sat too long, or even to move it getting in and out of bed. I seemed to have lost the flexibility in my hips. But, I can tell you that I now have my swagger back.
After just one Feldenkrais session with Beth, I was amazed at how my body had adapted itself from my previous injury. With just a few flexibility movements and stretches my hip stopped hurting. I am amazed at the gentleness of the session and how freeing it is when your body gets it’s swag back. Thanks Beth!


I was having stabbing, sharp pain in both wrists when I decided to ask Beth for help. Through the years I used my wrists for gardening, hand-embroidery, sewing and computer work. When the stabbing pain began, I knew I needed help. After one Feldenkrais session with Beth, the pain went away and has stayed away!  Beth asked me questions about how I use my wrists, and examined not only my wrists, but my shoulders as well. That makes sense since the shoulder and wrist are connected. Not only did Beth’s thorough assessment of my issue resolve my wrist pain, her kind and gentle spirit allows healing to unfold.”


Soo great to see you dear Beth, and doing what you love and are skilled/gifted at! Wish I had you nearby! 💕

Susan Pegram

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