• Smoking greatly increases the risk for some types of cancer
  • Non-smokers are more fertile
  • Smoking increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and circulatory disorders
  • Smoking speeds up the aging process of the skin and turns teeth and
    fingers yellow
  • Smoking increases the risk of respiratory diseases
  • Non-smokers are more physically fit, more resilient, and possess stronger immunity to illness
  • Non-smokers have a better sense of smell and taste
  • Smokers and their clothing always smell of nicotine and old smoke• Non-smokers save money!

Nowadays smokers are increasingly sidelined and excluded. For many, this can be the catalyst which finally helps them make that decision to kick the habit. But it’s not that easy for everyone. There are many different reasons as to why. A number of factors can prevent you from simply letting go of an addiction such as smoking. The Weiss Method can help you give up smoking for good – quickly and successfully.

Every smoker can remember just how awful that first cigarette tasted. But as a young person they wanted to fit in, act “grown-up” – they may have started smoking for any number of reasons. The very nature of a habit is that it becomes automatic and is associated with specific thoughts and situations. A cigarette goes great with your coffee, it helps you think or consider things, you can enjoy a puff with friends, etc. Everybody knows what cigarettes are good for. Unfortunately nicotine has other properties which can create dependency. This is why it’s so hard for many smokers to stop. Of course the majority of smokers know how bad smoking is for their health–but they lack the necessary tools to actually battle their addiction.

This is where the Weiss Method comes in. The smoking cessation treatment is a unique technique which Amir Weiss developed himself. Weiss Method practitioners have treated heavy smokers for years, with an 82% success rate in helping them to break free of the nicotine trap. During our treatment session, the client sits comfortably in a chair and receives a pleasant and relaxing treatment. All in all each treatment lasts around one hour. There is no mechanical intervention, no medication and no needles – the Weiss Method works by harnessing the power of pure bio-energy.

Even if you have already tried and failed many times to stop smoking…

Try again – but this time try the Weiss Method.

Why? Because it’s easier than you think! If you really want to give up smoking for good, then call us to arrange a consultation.