Sugar Addiction: The craving for something sweet, or “binge eating” sugar-laden foods.

A few symptoms which can be caused by sugar, and also by a gluten allergy (celiac disease):

  • Tiredness
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Poor concentration
  • Problems with the menstrual cycle
  • Yeast infections
  • Lowered immunity
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Restless sleep

Who doesn’t like sweet things? Many children are given candy as a reward, so how can it be so bad? This is the general consensus, contributing to an accepted habitual behavior. However, many people find that they crave sugary foods and cannot stop consuming them once they have started. There are many different reasons for these cravings. In addition, cravings are an attempt by your body to warn you that vital nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and trace elements) are in short supply, and that the body and its systems are generally out of balance.

Regular and excessive consumption of sugary foods has a detrimental effect on both body weight and overall health. The Weiss Method will not only help you kick the sugar habit, it will completely change the way you eat by giving you the training and education you need about the foods you consume.

Nowadays many foods contain sugar. This even begins with breakfast. A quick check of the list of ingredients in supposed “healthy” breakfast cereals can be painfully surprising. To keep track of them all you would practically need to be an amateur chemist, because it is not all that obvious that a product contains sugar, given the names in the list. Other ingredients are used which are known as “hidden sugars”. These include skimmed milk and milk powder, fructose and glucose syrup, dextrose, corn sugar, sweetened condensed milk, caramel syrup, fruit sugars, concentrated fruit juice and so on.

Press article in “Stern” magazine (15/2011) “Sugar, the Drug of the Masses. How the Industry Gets Us Hooked and Makes Us Sick” [” Volksdroge Zucker. Wie uns die Industrie süchtig und Krank macht”]

At one time it was a luxury, nowadays it’s in everything – in cooking, ketchup, even in pizza. Every year we consume 34 kg of sugar per person – much more than what is actually good for us. So what’s making us so greedy now?

Our method:
The “Weiss Method” was developed in Israel by Amir Weiss and works with the client’s energy field or electromagnetic field. During the treatment, specific habitual patterns and addictive cycles are broken and balance is restored to the human energy field. Treatments are completely painless and 100% natural. They are free from side effects and start to work immediately.

Everything begins in the electromagnetic field and then penetrates the body. Everything that we think, feel and do is stored in the electromagnetic field and takes hold there as a micro-signal, where it remains. This is where the roots of a habit form and this is exactly where the Weiss Method takes action. Addiction to sugar is a symptom, but not the root cause. To draw a parallel with a car, when the oil light comes on, you wouldn’t change the oil lamp (symptom), instead you would top up the engine oil level (cause). It’s exactly the same for sugar addiction – the cause, the root of the problem, must be treated, and not the symptom.

Through certain “links” (associations or triggers: work stress, relationship problems, “feeling free”, “switching off”, “I deserve to relax”, and so on) with the electromagnetic field and the body, the undesirable habits are reactivated again and again, although we know and feel that it’s not good for us.
The Weiss Method makes it possible to change these previously uncontrollable habits. You can replace them with new positive ones, allowing you to make a new start and live a life of freedom from these unhealthy and annoying behaviors. It can give you back your quality of life and the freedom to decide how you want to live it.

Call us for a consultation. Learn more about how the Weiss Method can help you give up your addiction to sugar, provide additional courses on dietary advice, and help you to eat well and stay healthy for the long term. A balanced diet forms the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.