Ethanol (alcohol) is created naturally by the fermentation of fruit sugars. Nowadays alcohol is normally produced from field crops which have a high sugar or starch content, or traditionally from horticultural products (grapes, other fruit). Ethanol is created, for example, when sugar or starchy substances ferment due to the action of yeast or bacteria. You can easily draw the comparison or link with sugar addiction.

Alcohol dependency or alcoholism can lead to serious health issues and emotional problems. Have you wanted to stop drinking for some time but not been able to? Are you suffering from depression, mood swings and irritability? Then give the Weiss Method a try.

Our method:
Everything begins in the electromagnetic field and then penetrates the body. Everything we think, feel and do is stored in the electromagnetic field, taking hold there as a micro-signal, where it remains. This is where the roots of a habit actually form and this is exactly where the Weiss Method takes action.

Drinking alcohol is a symptom, but it is not the root cause. To draw a parallel with a car, when the oil light comes on, you wouldn’t change the oil lamp (symptom). Instead you would top up the engine oil level (cause). It’s exactly the same for alcoholism–the cause, the root of the problem, must be treated, and not the symptom.

Through certain “links” (associations or triggers: work stress, relationship problems, “feeling free”, “switching off”, “it is good to relax”, “why not treat yourself”, and so on) with the electromagnetic field and the body, the undesirable habits are reactivated again and again, even though we know and feel that it’s not good for us and doesn’t solve the problem or root cause.

There is an old saying: “You can’t drown your sorrows, they can swim”.

The Weiss Method makes it possible to change these previously uncontrollable habits. You can replace them with new positive ones, allowing you to make a new start and live a life of freedom from these unhealthy and annoying behaviors. It can give you back your quality of life and the freedom to decide how you want to live it.

The freedom from alcohol treatment consists of a series of 4 to 6 sessions, held within a specific and agreed upon timeframe, lasting between 20 to 25 minutes each. Habits which have formed over time are stopped in their tracks. Treatment is completely natural, does not involve any surgery, medication/chemicals or needles or hypnosis, and is based on pure natural energy only. In 82% of cases a single treatment session is enough to break the cycle. Clients leave the session with a feeling of either indifference or an aversion towards their old habits and addictions.

Call us for a consultation. Call us to put an end to your dependency on alcohol now and lead a healthier, addiction-free life.