The first three letters of this word spell out the verb “add,” which has so many meanings. For example, something can get stuck to us, like chewing gum or glue and it’s not so easy to remove or get rid of it again. Habits form and develop very quickly, especially a new habit which is repeated again and again and is then “added” to our behavior at the time.

You will no doubt know all about the example of driving a car – when we first learn to drive, it’s exactly the same thing: repetition creates the habit. The major difference is that when we talk about addictive habits, we say that they are, and will become, damaging; damaging for the mind, body and soul. Newly learned “habits”, or behaviors which are repeated over and over again, are stored by our unbelievably well-organized body and systems in the brain, blood, stomach, intellect and emotions, and in the electromagnetic field right down to cellular level. Through certain “links” with the electromagnetic field and the body, the undesirable habits are reactivated again and again, although we know and feel that it’s not good for us. Link are associations or triggers, such as:

  • work stress
  • relationship problems
  • “feeling free”
  • “switching off”
  • “it’s good to relax”


How unwanted and unhealthy habits start
The Weiss Method starts with the premise that everything begins in the electromagnetic field and then penetrates the body. Everything that we think, feel, and do is stored in the electromagnetic field, taking hold there as a micro-signal where it remains. This is where the roots of a habit actually form and this is exactly where the Weiss Method takes action.


The very nature of a habit is that it becomes automatic and is associated with specific thoughts and situations

  • Cigarettes: A cigarette goes great with your coffee, it helps you think or consider things, you can enjoy a puff with friends, etc. Everybody knows what cigarettes are good for. For years, practitioners using the Weiss Method have treated heavy smokers and have been successful in helping them break free from the nicotine trap.
  • Sugar: Who doesn’t like sweet things? Many children are given candy as a reward, so how can it be so bad? This is the general consensus; an accepted habitual behavior. However, many people find that they crave sugary foods and just can’t stop once they’ve started. Being treated with the Weiss Method can help you not just kick the sugar habit once and for all – it will also completely change the way you eat, giving you the training and advice you need.
  • Alcohol: The Weiss Method approaches drinking alcohol as a symptom, not as the root cause. There is an old saying: “You can’t drown your sorrows, they can swim”. To draw a parallel with a car, when the oil light comes on, you wouldn’t change the oil lamp (symptom). Instead you would top up the engine oil level (cause). In that way, it is exactly the same for alcoholism – the cause, the root of the problem, must be treated, and not the symptom.

The Weiss Method makes it possible for you to change these uncontrollable habits, replacing them with positive new ones, allowing you to make a new start and live a life of freedom from these unhealthy and annoying behaviors. It will give you back your quality of life and the freedom to decide how you want to live it.


The method
The “Weiss Method” was developed in Israel by Amir Weiss and works with the client’s energy field or electromagnetic field. During the treatment, specific habitual patterns and addictive cycles are broken and balance restored to the human energy field. Treatments are completely painless and 100% natural. They are free from side effects and start to work immediately.
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