Beth is a certified Well Being Coach. Her aim is to help you find the health and well being you want.

The Well Being Sciences (WBS) is a holistic approach which is noninvasive and effective in a wide variety of ailments. Beth offers assistance with such issues as alleviating pain, rapid healing of injures,stress reduction and management, allergy relief or simply improve your well being and more…

A WBS session might include assessing the root issue (using applied kinesiology) which is causing physical or energetic (mind,mental or emotional) imbalance and gentle techniques to engage your bodies natural healing response to give you health, balance and improved well being.

“Unlock your full well being potential!”

Client Comments:
“Every time I work with Beth I connect with deeper parts of myself,
sometimes that I’d forgotten were there.”

“There is a profound stillness and a sense that ‘all is well’ that allows
me to discover what is needed for better balance and healing in my life. It’s very practical and enhancing at the same time.”