Well Being Sciences

Restoring Balance to Tired Bodies & Minds

Stressed Out

Maybe you’re:

~ A long time allergy sufferer
~ Prone to illness
~ Stressed to the max
~ Totally overwhelmed with life
~ Tired of trying things that don’t work

Maybe you’re having these symptoms.
You want the freedom to be happy in life without illness.

You want to say “YES, I CAN” rather than “No, I can’t” with your health.


BILD0373 copyIn a perfect world, the physical and energetic work together in harmony and balance. However, when they get out of balance how do we sort out which part to help? That’s the gap that the Well Being Sciences fills.

Using Kinesiology (muscle testing) we assess what may be the cause of your symptoms and then determine a course of action that suits you.

By combining the physical and energetic components, we’re able to create real      health and wellbeing, not temporary fixes for underlying problems.


Beth Simpson PortraitWhat’s Possible for You!

~ Relief from pain
~ Eliminate allergies
~ Alleviate stress
~ Boost immunity ~ Increase physical abilities
~ Prevent recurring illness
~ Learn to prevent recurring illness
~ Understand what you need to do to stay healthy


Happy Songs

What is Well Being Sciences?

Well Being is a combination of putting health, happiness, connection, immunity, settlement and balance together (Integration). No one person does it like you because we are each unique.

The Well Being Sciences combines the right physical and energetic actions, that help you be healthy and feel well restoring your body’s natural balance. This allows you to be healthy, and happy with vitality.

What you think and feel affects your whole life, so let’s work together to help you.


VictoryHow I Help You

Our first session:
~ Two-hour session to determine what we need to do
~ We’ll figure out your main health concerns
~ I’ll test your health balances to see what’s broken

After that:
~ Determine treatment
~ Determine the length of treatment – it’s different for everybody.
~ Begin taking the steps to recover and become healthy

Your Health Is In Your Hands!




For many people it does. For folks who have tried many other avenues and not found the relief  or result they seek, it’s often the answer they’ve been seeking. Well being sciences is a holistic method that helps reintegrate the physical and energetic parts of a person.

Is it for every medical situation ? No. If you’re having a baby, need a broken arm set, or heart surgery, this isn’t the best way to do it. I’d recommend a doctor.


Reiki addresses energy, yoga, as it’s used today, mostly addresses physicality and health. I prefer the Well Being Sciences because it’s a lovely combination of the hards sciences (physiology, anatomy, chemistry), and the energetic sciences (what you sense, what you believe, what you perceive, your mind).


It really depends on the issue, the person, and their willingness to participate in creating real health. For some folks that’s two visits and for others it might be a few months.


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